Scale Down Openshift Deployed Services Quickly

I recently had to decommission a couple of live services which meant disabling certain aspects before the production region was decomissioned by others. This however left pre-production still running in two regions which equated to about 2*2*35=140 services that I had to shutdown. Using the openshift UI is too slow and clunky so I opted for the right way which is to use the oc cli.

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Display Mongo Bunyan Logs In The Terminal

If you use Bunyan and decide to use a MongoDB as a logging appender (destination) then you will arguably know what a great use of MongoDB it can be. Querying is easy but sometimes visibly parsing a raw Bunyan log entry JSON is a pain but luckily Bunyan CLI will parse and display these in a much easier format. However just extracting the raw Mongo documents using Robomongo and piping to bunyan will not work as the document schema and extra added Robomongo cruft differs a little making it non-parseable by Bunyan therefore we need to transform the entries a little which we can do using standard Mac or linux utils.

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Fill Rabbitmq Queues

In a previous post I showed how to drain a queue but during some work I needed to publish some test messages so I added a new mode to publish as well. In rabbitmq you don’t publish to a queue though but to an exchange which will route the message to the appropriate queue. The new publish mode has been added to the drainer which is a bit odd however as well as accepting a cli option to switch mode a new cli script qfiller has been added to compliment qdrainer which is added to the path as part in npm -g install.

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